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If you dwell around, even for a split second, you’ll realize we are constantly surrounded by machines, which make our lives easier, faster, and smarter. Tasks, which took hours to complete earlier, now get done within minutes. All thanks to the greatest inventions made by humankind.

Use Your Mouse Differently By Doing These Activities

Since we’re on the subject, the one innovation that has been the best by humans is the undisputed of ‘computers.’ Computers have overtaken typewriters, the job of cashiers, researchers, and many more. Computers have become inevitable in our lives and so has the mouse! And thus, we tell you the unknown things you can operate and get done with the mouse below!

Mouse Click

Click per Second

Who says the computer and the mouse have to be all about work and not fun? Here, we tell you how you can have a playful time with the same. If you’re someone who uses computers for most of the day or who needs to operate on computers for professional purposes, by now, you’ll have naturally developed the required speed. But you can increase it furthermore if you try out the CPS Tester. It basically depicts the total number of clicks made on a mouse over a certain period of time. The click per the second test will speed up your pace and you’ll be able to work faster and smarter on your computer!

Use the Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel is situated in between the left click and then right-click. Most people, who use the computer mouse, press the left click the most; followed by the right-click. The scroll wheel unconsciously gets ignored most of the time. But it’s a very useful button on the mouse, which is highly underrated as well. Check out how the scroll wheel can be useful below.

  • If you use the scroll wheel as a button and press it on the already opened tab on the browser, the tab will be closed.
  • Press the control key and scroll up with the wheel, and you will be able to zoom in on the document or the webpage. Similarly, hold the control key and scroll down with the wheel and you’ll be able to zoom out!

Thus, explore the mouse, and start using the scroll wheel more for better and faster results.

Mouse click

The Game of Clicks

All of us know the drill of double and single clicks. But what we don’t know is how clicks can make our work a lot easier. Especially, if you’re working on lengthy documents or other complex editorial work, this space is for you.

  • If you want to select a particular word, left-click on it twice, and the word will be selected.
  • If you desire to click the whole paragraph, left-click on it thrice, and the whole thing will be selected.

Thus, knowledge about the game of clicks and get your respective task completed faster.

Computers are the future. Hence, it’s better if you start learning and adapting small but useful tricks sooner than later. They will be useful to you in the coming time in more ways than one!