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Our lives were moving at a monotonous pace during worldwide lockdown, till queen Gigi decided to announce her pregnancy! were over the moon when Gigi revealed her pregnancy on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Take Tips from Gigi Hadid for Your Maternity Shoot

The supermodel and the pop star Zyan Malik welcomed their first child, a baby girl in September last year. And in between April and September, both of them were total goals for expecting parents! Internet was shattered when Gigi posted her pregnancy photos, they were elegant chic, and heavenly! And If you’re gearing up for your shoot, take the following tips from this power couple!

Go with White

White is the lightest of all colors. It is simply the best, anyone wearing white looks all shade of elegant and classy. After all, there’s a reason women wear white gowns at their wedding. And all of us have seen how graceful Gigi looked in her plain white outfit! It even narrows down your options and confusions regarding what color to go with. Because a maternity shoot is obviously very special to all the beautiful moms-to-be! So, don’t think hard and just go with the classy white!

Less is more

This principle is for all the minimalists out there. More often than not, some of your best looks come out when you’re not putting in that much effort. So, when you’re on the hunt of choosing a theme or a maternity photo-shoot dress, try not over-doing it. For instance, stick to a plain but elegant dress. Go for accessories, but be very selective. The supermodel followed the ‘less is more’ rule and we all know how that turned out! When you’re gearing up for the shoot, keep this rule in mind and you’ll be more than happy or even thrilled with the outcome!

Flaunt Your Bump

A woman looks the best while she’s carrying her baby inside her belly. And during the shoot, highlight that beautiful bump! There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman flaunting her baby bump with pride! All in all, tell your photographer dress suggestion for you some amazing poses that include highlighting your baby bump.

Maternity Dress Photoshoot

Go Monochrome

No other filter sharpens your features more than monochrome! The light play can be done wondrously in a black and white frame. You’ll be able to show off your beautiful curves in this filter. Monochrome basically makes anything and everything looks miraculous! And being able to create a life together is the most magical experience a couple can have together! So, capture your amazing experience in monochrome in your baby shoot!

Live these golden moments of your life and capture them beautifully by following these amazing trends set by Gigi Hadid! And needless to say, when the photos will come out, you’re absolutely going to adore them!!