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Mothers and daughters have an almost unspeakable & heartfelt bond, so when you’re searching for gift ideas that will appeal to them both, the challenge is real, depending on their ages. Stress not because finding the correct present for mother and daughter isn’t about the size or the value—it’s about the thought behind it.

Here, we’ve rounded up a list of awesome gift ideas for new moms with babies, moms with tween and teen girls, and older moms whose daughters have kids of their own. These are the best mother-daughter gifts for them all:

Ancestry DNA: Genetic Testing Ethnicity

For families who are interested to find out about their hereditary ethnicity, family ancestry, and more profound information about what their identity is, a DNA test pack is a gift that can uncover astounding information. In case you’re looking for a mother and daughter who haven’t yet taken this journey, an Ancestry DNA kit is an ideal method to help them with starting the journey from past to present together.

Mother Daughter Matching Swimsuit

Give your mother-daughter duo the perfect way to make a splash at the beach or the poolside this year. The mother daughter matching swimsuits are made from soft materials for the soft-touch featuring seashells, turtles, and more. Matching mom and daughter matching bathing suits are not only fun and adorable to look at, but they are also perfect for making memories & capturing the cutest photos.

Beautiful Mothers & Daughters Bracelet

As most moms will tell you that the relationship between them and their daughters is really an unbreakable bond, a mothers & daughters bracelet is what makes it a truly unique gift as it acts as a reminder that no matter the distance between them, they are always together in their hearts. Naturally, you will want to purchase two bracelets, one each for mom and daughter.

Funky & Cute Matching Onesies

Once in a while cuddle time is best when both mother and little girl are cozied up in their favorite matching onesies. Ideal for relaxing around the house, going to birthday celebrations of friends, or in any event, making a trip to the nearby drive-in, the matching comfortable onesies are machine washable and also highlight pockets. They usually come with a simple zipper in the bottom so you can unfasten and use the washroom without totally stripping. Genius

An Adorable Cosmetic Travel Bag

Each woman likes to travel with her very own bag of makeup supplies, and an adorable floral cosmetic pack is ideal for moms and daughters. Get one for the grown woman who needs to keep her cosmetics, toiletries, brushes well organized and simple to get to. Get another one for the daughter of any age – since, supposing that she’s a teenager, she’ll have her own load of makeup.

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