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Journeys of our lives were smoothly running till March 2020 and suddenly we hit the huge speed bump as Titanic had hit an iceberg. That iceberg or speedbump is called ‘Coronavirus.

Don’t dwell on it, you’re not about to read another piece on how crappy corona is and what it’s done to the world! Spending so much time at our homes, the corona has made us all supremely lazy.

Especially men, lying all day in couches and not having to wear pants have turned us into slothful species. PJs have become your best friend and why not?! But now we’re almost on the other side of the coronavirus pandemic, and the world is on the verge of the resumption, but what if you still won’t be needing to leave your precious PJs?

These Celebrities Wore Pajamas and Totally Rocked

When it comes to fashion, we remarkably look up to the celebrities, and for pajamas, you’ve got validation and all sorts of approvals from these cool celebrities for men’s pajamas.

Akshay Kumar

The Khiladi Kumar of B-town is known to be bold and adventurous. Even at 53, he is fit and influences greatly when it comes to fashion. The megastar was spotted wearing an onesie pajama at the airport in September 2020. And we all are aware of how ‘airport look’ has become a thing these days. So, if this Bollywood biggie can wear pajamas; that too at the airport, you can too! The PJ inspiration doesn’t get bigger than this!

Ranveer Singh

Probably from Bollywood, Ranveer Singh is the biggest risktaker for fashion. Not only he tries different things, but he also carries them with great confidence. This Gully Boy can literally rock any outfit! Like Akshay Kumar, Ranveer was also seen wearing pajamas at the airport in October 2020. Needless to say, he carried pajamas effortlessly! So, be as confident as this Khilji and try out pajamas!

Ryan Gosling

The Oscar-winning and critically acclaimed movie La La Land’s actor Ryan Gosling also tried this pajama trend, and he even chose the perfect timing for it. What better platform to make a style statement than the Cannes Film festival? And Ryan Gosling did it way back in 2011, and the Canadian actor looked chic and on fleek. When this megastar can wear pajamas at such a big platform why can’t you? Adult pajamas available on Pajamaslove have got the blessing from this hottie!

Justin Beiber

Another Canadian gentleman in the list, the heartthrob Justin Beiber was also spotted on the streets of NYC wearing pajamas as he was leaving for SNL (Saturday Night Live.) The singer has over 150M followers to his name on the social media platform Instagram, so we can only imagine his power of influence!

Thus, if these celebrities, being public figures are wearing pajamas, then why not us? Take inspiration from them and many others also. Pajama fashion is here to stay, so as they say; enjoy while it lasts, because you surely don’t want to miss out on this crazy (and comfortable) trend!