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We all are consciously or subconsciously, fascinated by celebrities. We observe them closely, and especially when it comes to fashion, some of us do follow them blindly. Celebrities have a great impact on what we choose to wear, the reason being; we want to follow the fashion trend they are trying out currently and maybe that’s the reason why they are called ‘influencers.’

While fashion is subjective, it means something else for each one of us, but the bottom line here is that we still, somehow want to look like celebrities and want to wear what they’re wearing nowadays.

Long gone are the days when people believed in wearing basic-plain clothes, now whenever you check out the celebrities’ looks, they are wearing some cool prints of vibrant colors, and that fashion trend is known as ‘Dashiki.’

Public Figures Who Wore Dashiki

While you may be a little hesitant about trying Dashiki, we’re here to nullify that! We give you the list of celebrities who rocked Dashiki.


This person is someone who will probably appear on all the lists that includes rocking the style game. This singer and actress can literally pull off anything. Zendaya will wear something, and she’ll make us all believe that it was made for her and her only. Zendaya wore a sky-blue-colored Dashiki top and paired it with short denim shorts. And needless to say, she totally rocked the look! Dashiki is so trending that you can buy cheap Dashiki dresses from anywhere!


Just like Zendaya, another singer and actress Rihanna has the ability to make strong style statements in any outfit she’s been given. She wore a Dashiki dress while going out. She chose a bright yellow and red-colored dress and looked just as bright as the 12 pm Sun. So, take inspiration from the queen Rihanna and choose Dashiki for your next outing!


Whatever queen Bey wears is worth following. This megastar chose to wear a Dashiki skirt and paired it with just as amazing Dashiki shrug. However, she has decided to go with Dashiki more than one time, this was her best Dashiki look. So, when Beyoncé does it, she influences her 156M followers. So, for Dashiki, you’ve got the queen’s approval!

Kim Kardashian

Probably the most famous member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kim also flaunted her Dashiki dress. The dress has red, white, blue, and yellow colors well complementing each other in a cool print. Just like Beyoncé, Kim also has millions of followers on her social media platforms and thus has the power to influence many people. Kim also is very fond of cool African prints. So, you can also buy dashiki online.

When these celebrities flaunt Dashiki, it indirectly gives us validation! So, ladies! Take inspiration from them and rock your Dashiki look.