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Big buttocks are generally considered attractive, sexy, and feminine. And this is especially true in the fashion world where it is considered attractive for a woman to have a voluminous and well-shaped posterior.

So if you want:


  • Firm buttocks
  • Round buttocks
  • Lift buttocks
  • Make buttocks bigger


Then you will love the actionable butt bigger tips this post!

Let’s get started.

Right Clothes Make Your Booty Look Bigger

Wear pants, skirts, or dresses that have beautiful details on the backside or eye-catching patterns on the bottom. If you do this, you can create an illusion of a larger buttock in only a matter of minutes.

Define Your Waist

Wear clothing that makes your waist seem to be smaller and make your hips and rear look bigger. Try putting on a form-fitting dress, skirt, or top to emphasize or wear a belt in the middle to determine your waist.

Wear Shapewear For Extra Lift

Try wearing shapewear under clothing to smooth out your thighs and midsection and create an hourglass figure instantly.

Body shape tights and shorts may likewise help. You can combine and coordinate foundation garments to emphasize – or de-emphasize – different parts of your body effectively.

You can similarly wear booty lifter jeans designed to lifting and separating your butt cheeks, giving your butt a larger, perkier look.

Go To A Massage

A strong lymphatic massage to shape your buttocks, mixed with a varec wrap to smooth cellulite and water reservation, will make your booty look wonderful.

Or likewise, you can go for a Lipo massage, which is a massage device with rollers designed to make your booty look perky & beautiful.

Shape ware

Focus On High-Protein Diet

Proteins are vital for muscle growth and development, so it is essential to eat the right kind of proteins for proper growth. Protein when combined with the right booty exercise, will result in a definite increase in bum size.

Take The Right Supplements

Multivitamins supplements can add an extra dose of energy to help in your exercise whereas protein bars can help in muscle development. While collagen supplements make your skin and muscles look gorgeous.

Always seek healthcare professionals’ advice before adding supplements to your diet as they may lead to side effects or other problems.

Surgical Operation

In case your butt is absolutely flat or bony, then you can consider a surgical operation.

Different operations may include:

Liposuction Operation: A surgeon performs liposuction of fat from the hips, tummy, and thighs, then inserts the fat into your booty while you are under anesthetic.

Silicone Buttock Implants: In this procedure, silicone is implanted under your rear muscles. This method can be painful, and the surgery may carry an infection risk.

These two are expensive & permanent solutions. Reconsider your decision before you go for any risky surgical operations.

Bottom Line

Never wear clothing that is too skin-fitting (tight) or uncomfortable as it can flatten rather than lift your buttock.

Try to attain your goal through diet and exercise before you take extreme measures such as surgical operations.

At last, avoid any unproven supplements and butt-lifting methods.