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It is almost as if 2 people speak a different language and may or may not understand the other. It does create confusion and miscommunication of the same sort at the end of the day. Every person has a different love language than that of the other. That is why it is often said that people with the same love language last for a life-time and more. It is considered to be the most blissful thing as there is this clear understanding of how they express love and know what one means to the other.

Having different love languages can look like you want to read your favorite book to your partner to show them your love and they might get upset that you are more interested in the book than you are in them and haven’t said “I love you” since morning.

Different Languages, No Understanding of Each Other’s

There are a lot of ways 2 people can stay together and love each other. This does not necessarily mean that they have the same love language. Know that it is not necessary for your partner to have the same love language, to love you the same way you love them. It only gets hard when you can’t understand each other and it often leads to confusion and miscommunication. That is what is often known as incompatibility.

At the end of it all, love is love and love can bloom in these situations as actions always speak louder than words. Do small acts of love. Even as you express both of you should try using clear and direct words like “I love you”, ” You are amazing.” Bettering this situation requires effort from both the sides where you take out some time every day and talk and try to understand each other, perform small acts of service and show what you feel.


Different Love Language But Understand Each Other’s

Think of emojis, they are the universal language. Having a different language is like using emojis and Lenny face. One prefers emojis and the other Lenny faces but it is good as long as both know what they show. It does not matter much and slowly you just get used to it. It might as well happen that both starts using both emojis and Lenny faces interchangeably! It is all good as long as 2 people understand each other’s love language and continue to speak in their own. That is like being bilingual!

A good example of this type is that of the bond between different family members! It is chaotic one moment but then perfects the next. In a family, everyone understands each other, and even if they don’t they try to and know that come what may, we will stick together.

Same Love Language

Under very rare stars do such people meet and fall in love where both of them speak the same love language. This encourages them to be together, and they both become even more fluent in it. They explore new ideas and vocabulary to express their love and it just keeps getting better. Both grow immensely at the same pace and reach newer heights. Having the same love language might often lead to the feeling of being soul mates and such a bond is often termed as “match made in heaven”.