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Improve Your Speed as a Footballer.

Welcome to the Kenya editors guild! We have a mine of articles about technology, fashion, sports and hr management. Visit our Kenya editors guild website and read more related articles and blogs. We did discuss in the previous post the things to take care of while shopping pajamas and today will discuss ways to improve your speed as a footballer.

Football is the most dynamic sport of all that includes agility and stamina. Thus, besides all other training, speed training is a must for football players. It enables the player to leverage other skills and techniques as well.

If you are fast enough on the field, you can dodge your opponent easily. It involves rapid and unexpected strategies in terms of altering speed, direction, and moves. So, here are few tips that you can introduce into your training regimen and bring forth the agility and pace that your sport demands.

Tips to Enhance Your Speed to Get Faster on Field

Every footballer has to endure intense training and exercise regimens. They are quite useful to enhance the game. No matter how much expertise one holds training is a must for athletes to excel in their sports. 

Thus, you can follow these tips to enhance your speed while training for better and faster results.

1.      Follow the Right Running Technique

Sprinting is best for footballers to gain better speed on the ground. However, involvement of the entire body and proper posture while running must also be focused on. 

You might not know but arm movement is also vital for increasing speed while sprinting. And it comes in handy to keep the opponent as farthest as possible from the ball. Also, don’t forget to maintain a tall posture with bent elbows and relaxed shoulders with an open chest. It will aid in running efficiently. 

2.      Include Resistance Training Drills

Resistance training in your sprints also comes in handy for excelling in speed. You can simply use equipment like a resistance band while sprints practice. It will come in handy for enhancing both the speed as well as power. 

When you practice with a resistance band, it stimulates the fast-twitch muscle fibers. They help you in activating your explosive power. It is something that football players are always in need of. 

When you try to sprint, overcoming the force of the resistance band, you strengthen your hip flexors. Later, when you run without the band, you can effortlessly exert more force while sprinting. It ultimately enhances the overall speed.

3.       Practice with Hurdles

Introduce some mini hurdles while practicing for a better run. Hurdles familiarize you with control. It also maintains proper form while running. It naturally aids in overcoming your flaws. 


Thus, practicing with hurdles will help you improve your speed along with maintaining control over your body. For better traction on the pitch, the Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Elite FG is a great model for football player. Also, it is inevitable for footballers to run with proper control while changing directions to keep the injuries at bay.

4.      Push Your Limits

It is crucial to push yourself beyond your potential to improve your speed as a footballer. So, you can use a timer while practicing alone and breaking your record each time to cover a particular distance. 

Further, you can opt for a one-versus-one training. Just ask one of your friends to chase you on the field. Make sure the friend you are choosing for this must be a fast runner. Once you start practicing with this 1-vs-1 situation with the ball, it can do wonders on your speed.